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Corte Madera Community Gardens at The Cove

Aerial Plan of Proposed Garden

Aerial Plan of Proposed Garden

If you might have an interest in supporting the creation of a new Corte Madera Community Garden located next to the Cove School, please like the Cove Community Garden Facebook page to learn about further information. Thanks!

Cove Community Garden

A small group of garden organizers, including several Marin Master Gardeners (MMG) and enthusiasts have been working on the initial planning stages and gaining the critical support from key community and school members to create of a new community garden, located on the busy corner of Paradise Dr. and Golden Hind Passage (next to the Cove School; thus the Cove Community Garden.) This is a high traffic location that sits undeveloped, and is an untapped opportunity to create something that the whole community can be proud of. The goal is to create a gardening activity space not just as a neighborhood aesthetic improvement, but one that helps further create a sense of community, health, learning, and a deeper connection to the natural environment. The Cove Community Garden’s mission statement is simple – Growing healthy food and strong community in harmony with nature.

The effort already has the support and involvement of representatives of both the Town and Schools. A wonderful initial garden design has been created and can be scene below. We have now arrived at the critical point of raising funds necessary to clear and develop the site from its current state to one that is ready to accommodate the vision. We are also looking to create strategic partnerships and begin to gather the resources needed to build and maintain the garden.

We ask you to “LIKE” the Cove Community Garden Facebook page so we can create awareness and excitement. Please “share” with others so that we can connect with community members to organize support and volunteers to help with all planning and fundraising efforts. The site will provide progress updates, and welcomes any ideas shared and discussed by its members.

After strategizing with MMG’s and garden designers here are some of the proposed garden features:

• raised beds
• bee/pollinator habitat
• secure composting area
• centralized structure to hold tools and resources
• shaded central demonstration area
• benches with seating for learning, eating, sharing
• fully fenced and secure / ADA compliant

We look forward to building a garden site that we all can be proud of! Feel free to contact me directly with any questions, suggestions or support. Tyler Grossman – 415-686-4451 /

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